Premium Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is actually a lot more complicated than you might imagine.

This is due to factors like the vast array of different fabric types, and blends of fabrics  –  which can all respond differently to a given cleaning method  –  through  to difficult to remove stains like body oils and fluids, pet accidents and food spills etc.

However, your PPCS Technician is trained and certified to identify these issues and to select the most appropriate cleaning method for your furniture.

We can clean most upholstery, from household chairs and couches, public seating in theatres, schools and restaurants and also upholstery in boats, vehicles and aircraft. In addition, we can clean most mattresses, but there have to be some realistic limitations on what can be achieved for some mattresses.

Upholstery care advice:

Did you know; that due to the way that body oils and other soiling can permanently damage many Upholstery fabrics, it is generally recommended to have these items professionally cleaned every 12 to 24 months – depending on usage and fabric type?

 This is even when they don’t look particularly dirty, as this regular cleaning will greatly prolong the life of the item as well as being much more hygienic.


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