Another beautiful Slate floor Sealing job

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Slate Floor Sealing Perth

Another beautiful Slate floor Sealing job for a client in the Perth hills.

I absolutely love getting results like this – and so do my clients.

After cleaning away years of dirt and grime from the Slate and the grout, we applied four careful coats of a Premium Acrylic sealer.

This really brought out the beauty in the floor and was exactly the result my client was hoping for.

Actual client testimonial

“Marty was a recommendation to me, as someone who could bring my tired, dusty slate floor back to life.
He returned calls promptly and arrived for the quote within 2 days even though we were far away from his depot.
He was prompt and extremely professional during the process explaining each step clearly.
My slate floor is now the main feature of our house.
The colours and glossy surface look spectacular.
I am thrilled with the result. Thank you Marty.”

Professional Approach

Every job has its own unique challenges and requirements.
This means that each job is individually assessed, and a specific solution is created for those problems.
Marty, the PPCS Technician, has considerable training to deal with any issues present.
We are always clear, honest and ethical towards our clients and only environmentally friendly products are used.
Note: We ONLY do Premium work, so we don’t price match with cheaper, lower quality cleaners.


  • Once we begin work, your place actually becomes a worksite, with hazards you may not understand. So, although you can be present if you wish, it is preferred if you can remain outside of our work area for your safety.
  • Pets can be alarmed by all the activity and noise and are best kept outside or taken for a walk during the process.
  • If possible, we like you to inspect the work at completion to make sure you are happy with everything.

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