Getting a Carpet Cleaner In? Read this first.

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Getting a Carpet Cleaner In?

Scouring the internet for the cheapest products and services has become second nature to most of us. Everyone loves to save money, and the temptation is huge to book essentials such as your home cleaning and carpet cleaning based on the cheapest advertised price.

You may even be tempted to try to DIY your home carpet cleaning routine in a bid to save money! But whatever the reason or motivation, if you love your home, and want to retain its value, cutting corners on services such as carpet cleaning is a risk not worth taking.

Aside from the many health risks associated with leaving a carpet cleaning job to the non-professionals, much can go wrong; from being under-quoted on work, to damage to your furnishings.

5 Reasons why choosing a professional company is the savvy choice:

#1 – Premium carpet cleaning firms are fully insured.

Imagine: machinery, water, chemicals, and tradespeople in your home. Then boom! Something goes wrong. Who fixes the problem? …Who pays? With an insured, professional carpet cleaning firm such as Perth Premium Cleaning Services you’ll never have this worry, hassle – or risk, again.

#2 – Premium carpet cleaning professionals are fully trained.

Cleaning carpets properly is not like cleaning other kinds of floors or areas in your home. Different problems and stains need proper assessment in order to be treated with the right chemicals and techniques. A poorly trained operator will simply use a one size fits all approach, which could damage your carpets and your property in the long run.

A true professional has spent thousands of their own Dollars to get the best, most up-to-date training. This means they know exactly what to do, not just guess and hope.

Not only that, but they should also be very familiar with the Australian Standard for Carpet Cleaning: AS/NZS 3733:2018 [Textile floor coverings—Cleaning maintenance of residential and commercial carpeting] to ensure your carpets are cleaned to a trusted and recognised standard.

An easy way to check if your carpet cleaner is trained, is to find out if they are a member of the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA – all current members are listed on this site.

#3 – Premium carpet cleaning companies will visit your home for a quote.

Because professionals realise that no two carpet cleaning jobs are the same, a premium carpet cleaning company won’t quote you over the phone, (but may give you an estimate). Instead, they will visit your property, assess the size of the area to be cleaned, as well as note the condition and any damage.

Be wary of carpet cleaning companies that quote sight unseen – they may quote great prices up front, only to change those prices when they arrive at the home and inform the homeowner that a different kind of treatment is needed or that the carpet needed “extra work”.

#4 – Premium carpet cleaning companies know the difference between an excellent steam clean and a bad one!

A bad steam clean can wreak havoc with your carpets, with problems such as wetness, mould, shrinkage, water stains, ruined fibres, all common outcomes of a job not done properly. Premium carpet cleaners on the other hand will never leave your carpet soggy, packed with an accumulation of chemicals, or soiled.

#5 – A premium carpet cleaning company won’t use chemicals and processes that are bad for your health.

Your carpet cleaning professional should be able to tell you what systems and chemicals they use. Mould and damage aside, the real danger in hiring a sub-par cleaning company, is that they might be likely to use excessively strong chemicals that are hazardous to your lungs, can irritate skin and cause asthmatic reactions…not to mention damaging your carpets!

For these reasons and more, hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is a wise choice for savvy home owners in Perth. A professionally cleaned carpet is a healthy and long-lasting carpet.


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