Pet urine in carpet

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This adorable young lady is Chloe.

One of Chloe’s pet dogs recently began peeing on the nice Wool carpets, leaving some nasty marks and making it not very healthy for Chloe to play on.

Chloe’s Mum thought she was doing the right thing by treating the spots with various products she got from the supermarket. Unfortunately, she didn’t realise how complex the chemistry of urine is, or how the contamination reaches all the way down through the carpet, through the underlay and onto the subfloor.

The products she tried didn’t fix the problem areas and actually made some of them worse.

Then she made the smart move of calling Perth Premium Cleaning Services.

We came and neutralised all the urine components and flushed and extracted them from deep in the underlay with our powerful machinery.

The carpets were left clean, and most importantly, hygienic for Chloe to play on again.

Pet accidents are one of Perth Premium Cleaning Services specialties, so if you have a problem like this and want someone with the knowledge and experience to deal with it…contact our Technician on 0488 032 199 today

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