Pet urine in your carpet? This is how we find it

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Pet urine in your carpet? This is how we find it

Sometimes it is easy to see where pets have urinated on your carpet.

And sometimes you might have an idea, but you are not sure exactly where or how much there is.

It can be that the smell will be strongest in a certain spot, and other times it may not be present at all.

As professionals, we need to identify EVERY urine affected area, even the hard to see ones.

This is so we can treat them to neutralise the urine salts and kill the bacteria as well as re-balance the PH of the area.

How do we do this?

We have several tricks, one of which is a UV light with a specific light wavelength.

This highlights the urine spots and they glow under this light – so we know where to treat them.

In some circumstances, the urine spots may not glow very much, but the urine is still present.

In these cases, we can use moisture probes and other techniques to find where the pets have peed.

Images: Pet urine glowing under our special UV light

Image: Untreated pet urine beside another spot we have just flooded with a special product to begin neutralising it

Our Technician also serves as the Health & Safety Officer and committee member for the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA.
This gives you peace of mind that you are dealing with a genuine, professional carpet cleaner, and will be given the best possible clean at a fair and transparent price.

Pre-Inspection and Preparation

We don’t generally give quotes over the phone. Our policy is to come to you and see exactly what you require, ensuring that you don’t end up paying for areas that you don’t want cleaned. After doing a careful pre-cleaning inspection of your carpets, you will be given a full report on the condition of your carpets including the necessary cleaning procedures needed and cost.

In preparation for the carpet cleaning, we will normally move small furniture such as chairs, emptied end tables and coffee tables. Unfortunately, we cannot move really heavy items. And due to liability concerns, we don’t move things like entertainment units with TV’s or desks with computers on them, or fragile items like China cabinets.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident of our high-quality service that we offer all our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will happily re-clean your carpet free of charge… If you are not totally satisfied with the service we have provided, within 3 days of completing the clean – any cleaning-related problems will appear inside this time.
For added peace of mind we have current comprehensive insurance policies and police clearances.

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