Safely Window Cleaning a double storey building.

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Safely Window Cleaning a two storey building.

Window cleaning with our water-fed pole system on a two storey home in Swanbourne. We can clean windows quickly, safely and thoroughly, without having to climb ladders or other hazardous methods. All we need is access to a suitable tap.

We can also wash Roller shutters, Roller doors, security and fly screens, some outdoor walls and a number of other difficult to reach surfaces.


Window cleaning is carried out using our water-fed extension pole, Pure Water system. This system totally removes all hardness and dissolved minerals from the water allowing the glass to dry streak and spot free. It also allows us to clean external windows as high as an impressive 17m (about 4 stories high) while remaining safely on the ground. We have additional specialised equipment to clean high internal windows as well if requested.

Aside from the obvious benefit of clean windows, our system is quicker than manual cleaning – meaning less disruption for you.

It is also safer. No ladder usage means no need for risk to us or to you or your property.

We usually also wash down the window frames as we go and knock down any spider webs where possible.

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