Strip and Seal Vinyl floor restoration

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Strip and Seal Vinyl floor restoration carried out at a Perth Mortuary.

This floor had been very poorly maintained by previous cleaners and was very unsightly with dark brown patches and streaks.

This was caused by incomplete stripping and then sealing over the problem. Other areas had heavy buildup from way too many coats of old sealer as well.

It took over 11 hours and multiple strips to get back to a raw floor again.

We then finished the floor with 4 coats of a Premium Acrylic sealer.

All the hard work paid off, as the client is very happy with the final result, and has said that we will be used for all future work too.

Images: Freshly sealed Vinyl floor

Professional Approach

Every job has its own unique challenges and requirements.
This means that each job is individually assessed and a specific solution is created for those problems.
Marty, the PPCS Technician, has considerable training to deal with any issues present.
We are always clear, honest and ethical towards our clients and only environmentally friendly products are used.

Because a proper floor clean involves multiple steps, it is simply not possible to move furniture items eg, tables, lounges, chairs etc around for the cleaning.
If you wish to have the areas under them cleaned – please move them out of the way ahead of time. Also, if you can pick up all small items and store them away from the areas to be cleaned it would be appreciated.
Note: We ONLY do Premium work, so we don’t price match with cheaper, lower quality cleaners.

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