Upholstery Cleaning in Applecross

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Upholstery Cleaning.

A recent Upholstery clean for a client in Applecross. The cream coloured couch didn’t really look dirty before we started cleaning, but, wow… you could see a huge difference as we got into it. The client was absolutely delighted too.




Upholstery cleaning is actually a lot more complicated than you might imagine.
This is due to factors like the vast array of different fabric types, and blends of fabrics –which can all respond differently to a given cleaning method – through to difficult to remove stains like body oils and fluids, pet accidents and food spills etc.
Your PPCS Technician is trained and certified to identify these issues and will select the most appropriate cleaning method for your furniture.

Every job has its own unique challenges and requirements. This means that each job is individually assessed and a specific solution is created for those problems.
We are always clear, honest and ethical towards our clients and only environmentally friendly products are used.

Note: We ONLY do Premium work, so we don’t price match with cheaper, lower quality cleaners.

We will carefully assess your Upholstery before beginning the job and will discuss with you all likely outcomes and issues with the cleaning process.

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