Wool rug stain removal

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Wool rug stain removal was today’s specialist job.

As a fibre, Wool can be very difficult to treat for certain types of staining.

Vomit and curry are just two of these things.

In this case, a very expensive Wool rug had a little girl vomit some curry onto it.

However, our Woolsafe training and certification helped us to completely remove all trace of the problem.

The client is extremely relieved and grateful.

She said:

“Wow wee!
Thank you Thank you Thank you I’m so thrilled.
You’ve done an incredible job.”


Carpet Experts

Our staff are highly trained to meet the cleaning needs of different types of carpet, whether natural or synthetic. It is a point of pride that our IICRC certified Technician always cleans to AS/NZS 3733:2018 [Textile floor coverings—Cleaning maintenance of residential and commercial carpeting] to ensure your carpets are cleaned to a trusted and recognised standard. He is also a Registered, Woolsafe Approved Service Provider https://www.woolsafe.org/

Aside from passing the Woolsafe course itself (100% pass mark required), Woolsafe Technicians must have been successfully and professionally cleaning carpets for at least FIVE years to even be allowed to apply for Woolsafe certification.

You can also find us as an approved Service Provider on the Woolsafe app on your smartphone too!

Our Technician also serves as the Health & Safety Officer and committee member for the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA.
This gives you peace of mind that you are dealing with a genuine professional carpet cleaner and will be given the best possible clean at a fair and transparent price.

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